I just want to say that your services have been so helpful for my families and I appreciate each one of your staff members responsiveness to each and every referral that I have made…..MV 2018

Bill Okwuosa has been my counselor for almost a year. He helped me in my early sobriety and has coached me through a relapse. Because of him, that relapse was one evening and not a continuation of the drugs that made up most of my adult life. I’m grateful, so grateful for that. But because of Bill’s help, my adult children (2) have begun to let me back into their life. It’s a slow road and I don’t blame them. I fully believe if it were not for Bill and My Father My Son Counseling my life would still be in shambles. I tell everyone I know, there is none better……MM 2017

Bill Okwuosa and his team are exceptionally gifted at counseling and guiding lost souls back to a place where they can be comfortable again. They are extremely professional and make all of the difference in someones life when they really need it most. A company you can really trust with what’s truly most important- your loved ones!!……TP 2017

Great service, super helpful! I would most definitely recommend them!! :)…..AP 2017

After a year-and-a-half of not being able to leave my apartment I am finally free. I don’t think it’s as easy for me as it is for someone normal. But I’ve been stuck apartment too afraid to go outside at all. Bill’s patience with me made all the difference…..AS 2017

Forever grateful for your help…….MB 2017